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    Unhappy Unanswered: No Fields in File when using Crystal Reports & Pervasive

    We often see an error "Error opening file, there are no fields in the file DNSNAME.FILENAME" when creating crystal reports against our pervasive 2000i database.

    We see this error from Pervasive Control centre too when querying data:
    ODBC Error, SQL State = S1000, unable to open table, no such table or object

    We upgraded to version 8 but this caused the problem to occur more frequently.

    The only way to clear this is to restart the server as we are also unable to stop the services when this happens.

    Why does this happen, is this a known problem?

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    Sounds like you've got some instability. Check the PVSW.LOG for entries. I've never seen that type of behavior.
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