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    Unanswered: [Help]How to recover from deleting records?

    Hey all,

    Some records are deleted by mistake from table . Could I know how to recover it? (The database has been closed after the mistake)


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    i've subscribed to your post out of curiosity...
    ...but i think you are stuffed.

    also out of curiosity i tried a dummy db, deleting a record, and attacking it with a hex editor... the text that was in the deleted record is NOT found in the .MDB

    sorry if that is not the news you wanted to hear!

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    The only way out of that kind of delemma is a data backup program.

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    True so true,
    Once you DELETE...that's it. No coming back from the dead. As suggested, please keep frequent backups of your data. IF by chance it wasn't you who deleted the records, try designing your database with some safeguards for the future. Prevent direct access to the Tables. On your forms set them to Deletions (NO). Possibly create a custom menu that doesn't even have the Delete menu item on the toolbar. Just a few thoughts to save you headaches in the future. And then BACK UP all data, and keep a spare backup of your Database also in case someone chances it by accident. Try to have a great day.


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