Hi All,

I really hope you can help me.

I am using mainframe DB2 here on os/390

I am running an SQL statement (I can't show it unfortunately) and it keeps returning the following error shown below when I use ADO to return the data to a ADO recordset.

Error desc. -> [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0002W Data truncated. SQLSTATE=01004

I am using DB2Connect DSN to connect to the mainframe

I have tried using other tools such as the DB2 Command Centre and also mainframe tools such as SPUFI and QMF. The SQL works fine with these but not ADO.

It must be some kind of ADO recordset buffer size problem because the suggested solution to this IBM error is:

CLI0002W Data truncated.
Cause: An output buffer specified is not large enough to contain the data.
Action: Increase the size of the output buffer.

However I haven't been able to find any ADO specific references to this error!

Please help me as I am going insane with this...

Thank you in anticipation

Al C