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    Unanswered: Minimizing Locking Question

    Hello all,
    I am working on an Access 2000 project that is used to generate reports on archived sales data. This app uses linked tables that are pointing to some SQL 2K tables. Some of the queries are large and end up creating a table lock when executed, blocking all other users from using the app until it has finished executing the query. I would like to have queries that read data ignore this lock on the table but do not know of a way to do this using linked tables in Access 2000. I would use a NOLOCk table hint but need something else for this issue.
    Any ideas?

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    What else do you need other than NOLOCK with linked tables?
    "The data in a record depends on the Key to the record, the Whole Key, and
    nothing but the Key, so help me Codd."

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