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    Unanswered: Scripting Reccomendation

    Hi all. I dont have much experience in this area and I just wanted to know if I could get some advice in terms of how to get started on this...

    Basically, I need something to do a simple select statement with a where clause from a DB. The where statement will be a variable that is input, and the the script should execute the query every X minutes - which will be an input variable as well.

    So something like:
    X = 10 (minutes)
    Y = Green
    L = Last Time query fired

    So every X minutes the query is run:

    Select * From table_Name where Col_Name = 'y'
    Variable L = Now
    If results are found
    carry out this logic
    do nothing

    Seems like a simple enough idea. My question is what language would be appropriate for this? Namely my concern of the language stems from wondering how the program/script is going to stay in a running state...It's going to have to fire every X minutes without being manually triggered. Any ideas on where to get started on this would be great i thank you for your help.

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    if all the "carry out this logic" is in the db, the dbms_job is best
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    The "carry out this logic" is basically emailing some information...

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    Use UTL_SMTP to send email messages from PL/SQL procedures.
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    dbms_job will work, However if you are on a unix system, cron has more flexibility
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