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    Unanswered: casting int as float

    I have a procedure code similar to this :

    create or replace procedure my
    var INT;
    var1 int;
    var3 DECIMAL;
    var3 := 2*(cast(var as float) / cast(var1 as float)) ;

    This throws :
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    PLS-00382: expression is of wrong type

    so int cannot be cast to float. what can I do to avoid the error ? Is there some other function that I can use instead ?

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    THanks for the direction. But the assignment as given above i.e var3 := 2*(cast(var as float) / cast(var1 as float)) ; doesn't seem to work. It gives me the same compilation error.

    Tried the same in Oracle 9i and it WORKED when the assigment statement was changed to SELECT...INTO statement. But both the approaches failed in 8i. Is it a known thing that cast functions cannot be used in assignment/select intos in Oracle 8i ?

    Appreciate your help !

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