Hello friends,

I am working on Oracle Express. I need a big help from any one of you.

When I try to export a database into an EIF file, an EIF extend file also created in the same EIF directory as the eif file size exceeded the limit (2,097,148 KB).

For example, the eif files are created in following directory

Now I want to import a database using the above created EIF file(s). I can only select one EIF file name when I do import. If I do this, will the automatically created extend file also be taken for import or do I need to import the main eif file and extend eif file separately?

For your information, the eifextensionpath wasn't defined in my express instance.

Hope you would have understood the question.
Your help in this regard would be much appreciated.

If possible, can you also send your reply to an email id rajum@anz.com ?

Mani Raju.