The original release of the NightWing Clairvoyance technique provided a way to harnesses the capabilities of the MenuMagic plug-in to provide a system which will place shaded suggestion text after the cursor in the current field (automatically updating as the user types), provide an automatically refreshing portal list of matching values (with keyboard control of the selection of items from the list), or a combination of both.

The recently announced update adds a further variation of the technique whereby clairvoyant suggestion text appears automatically pre-selected/highlighted in the entry field. This, along with a few other adjustments provides functionality which mimics the style of dynamic clairvoyant effect used in the 'address' fields of popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari.

The NightWing clairvoyance technique uses a comprehensive key-trapping methodology which grabs each keystroke typed, using it to drive an instantaneously updating type-ahead and auto-fill interface. The automation effect is smooth and tightly controlled - unlike techniques used in the past that relied on looping scripts and other work-arounds.

The Clairvoyance Implementation resource kit includes full access to four demo files, several example files showing compound filtering techniques, explanatory notes plus a (runtime) resource which aids in configuring key-trapping implementations with the MenuMagic plug-in.

The current update is available as a free upgrade to existing registered users of the Clairvoyance Implementation Resource Kit.

The full kit is available for a nominal fee of US$25 (Note: license/s for the MenuMagic plug-in must be purchased separately). More information and demonstration downloads are available now from: