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    Unanswered: perl online course

    Dear perl forums members:

    I want to take a perl programming online class. I am new to perl, so I want to take a begining class in perl.

    I am thinking take this course from junior college or university's distance learing program. Could someone recommend me a good online coure? It will be tought by instructor who has in depth knowledge in perl language; projects assigned will help students learing the language. It will be better if the class has online discussion group (e.g. yahoo etc)

    If you know a gook online class, please let me know. I appreciate your help!


    Jeff Shu

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    I am also new at Perl programming. I took a free online class on the site This is the link to begin the class:

    You can download the subject when you want.

    After that I read and practice Perl with the book "Read Less, Learn More Perl", ISBN 0-7645-3478.

    I can not say that now I am a professional with Perl but I am confortable using this product.



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