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    Hi All, is anyone had develop a system for OCR features? For example i wish to develop a system, all the data will input from fax machine. The fax machine need to scan the data and auto connect to PC software, is it this possible and accurate for the data ? Thank All !!!

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    There are a number of tools for doing this. HP ships a package with at least some of their OfficeJet machines that does a respectable job. I'm pretty sure that Cannon does too, although I've never played with it myself.

    Intel used to have a great product that they shipped with their SatisFAXion boards, that I think they've released as a commercial product. I don't know the name off the top of my head, but it was a great package (easy to use, accurate, and relatively low overhead).

    I suspect that this market has already been pretty well developed. I'd be surprised if there was much room for real growth here.


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