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    Unanswered: what is scripting ?

    people i have many vb manuals and helps about visuabl basic,
    but i cant understand what mean word scripting , from where it is ?

    here is - set var = createobject("scripting.dictionary")

    scripting it is object ? , if it is object then where can i read about it ?

    thank you

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    Technically, "Scripting", in ASP, isn't itself an Object, but more specifically, a pointer to other built-in ASP Objects. So by specifying "Scripting" you are telling ASP that you are looking for an object in ASP's built-in library. For more of these built-in objects, check out

    If you ever use databases in your ASP, you'll notice that when you create ADO objects, your CreateObject call will use "ADODB" (Ex: Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")) instead of "Scripting". This is because we're telling the ASP interepter that we want to use a different object library specifically for accessing databases.
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    the scripting.dictionary is basically a dictionary object that was primarily created for use with vbscript (eg. it's generally not used in Visual Basic or VBA). The dictionary allow you to create a indexed/key collection. Normally with other languages (eg. not scripting languages) you don't need something like this because you have other methods of achieving the same thing.

    does that help?

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