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    Unanswered: How to access Database in single user mode all time

    Dear All,
    I want my SQL database to be accessed always in a single user mode through my application. How can I do this ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Here's a question to you :

    Are you sure you REALLY want to do this ???

    Single user mode effectively means that one and a max of only one connection can be made to the database. Do realize this before trying anything of this sort out. This also means that once a user has connected to the database, YOU cannot connect to the database even for admin tasks.
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    A better option is to restrict the user access thru sql security.

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    This is just idle curiousity, but why on earth would you want such a thing ?!?!

    When I think about the kind of effort I spend getting more users into the same data at the same time, it is hard for me to imagine why someone might deliberately choose to make a database single user. It isn't hard to do, I just can't imagine what reason might provoke you into doing it!


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    Think of it as a cruise ship with only one deck chair.

    You could have just bought a canoe.
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    If you'd like to have the same user which is used to connect to the database specific for this application, you could create a sqluser and use that from the application. You'll have to think about how to handle the password (if any): keep it save and easy to maintain. If it's *one* user for each instance of the application, I guess you'll have to look for connection pooling.

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