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    Unanswered: Wildcards in Perl


    I am trying to construct a Perl script to copy files from one directory to another, but do not have specific names for the files. All the files are .lxf types. How do I use wildcards in perl script when copying files? I have tried *.lxf but this does not seem to work...I am new to Perl and learning as I am converting old scripts to Perl so apologises if I have missed something obvious! I cant seem to find any information through the Perl O'Reilly book range...any help is much appreciated...I have included my current script below...Thanks

    use File::Copy;
    copy("\\\\Webmail\\S\$\\Logo\\*.lxf","C:\\Perl\\") ;

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    Replace double quote by simple quote. And remove all escape char (\)

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    You can use forward slashes instead of back slashes - so instead of two \\ use one /

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