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    Exclamation Unanswered: Insertion Alert Messages

    My project has many forms, and one of is to create a user account which I used "create_record" regir.
    Well, everything is going fine in inserting the record, but the problem is in the alert messages that shouws after
    clicking the insert button. 1st alert message is asking if I would like to save the changes I made. 2nd one is telling me that
    one transaction has been made. So I used :
    and :
    but it didn't prevents the messages from showing up.
    Ok the insertion goes fine but I don't want my customer to see these aler messages.

    Is there anything I can do to prevent these alerts from showing up?

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    What does "Insert button" do? Saves changes (that is, commits data you've written into your form fields), or creates a new record?
    First message seems to be result of a "create_record" or similar procedure on a database block whose field(s) have already been populated with some initial data in a PRE-BLOCK or similar trigger.
    Therefore, issuing "create_record" (for example) wants to first) commit pre-populated data into the database, second) create a new record.

    The second message seems OK to me ... why wouldn't you want to know that an account has been created properly? What if creation fails but you don't receive a message about it?
    However: did you use :system.message_level in that order? If you want to prevent messages, you have to set message level to a higher level than the one your message has. Therefore, try with
    :system.message_level := 5;
    :system.message_level := 0;

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