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    Unanswered: Converting Text to date format...

    This is a basic question but I am having a problem with it...
    I have a table that stores its data as text BUT it is really a date field...
    So,When I run quieries on the field, I always get some errroneous results..

    How can I convert a text field length 6 "010104" into a short date field "01/01/04 successfully without having errors...


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    One way is to create update query. Just be sure to handle the "text" in a way to separate d, m, y. I would create these as new fields prior to joining as one date as you want. This way you can see the situations that fail. (ie 70404 has no leading zero, but the rest of your data has it). You may need to change the type from text to number first, too.

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