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    W2k Data Retrieval

    Hi, I was running w2k server with 2 ide drives running dependently. The OS drive has dies and data drive now unreachable - data is important.

    Have tried running them independently doesn't work, have tried Bart PE - can see folders not access them.

    Is there a way i can transfer them to the newly built server with no operating system to boot up with?


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    I'm not familiar with Windows 2K server and can't tell what "dependant" disks mean, nor did I hear about Bart PE.
    But: in old days, when your OS disk died, you went to the shop and bought a new one. Plugged it into your PC, booted PC from a floppy disk and installed OS. After reboot, you'd see your old data disk and was able to use it with no problems.

    Now you have a new server. I guess it's a new PC with 2 disks - one with OS and one for data. Well, can't you just plug your old disk into the new server? If you're afraid it might die as well, plug it as 3rd disk (you have 3 IDE controllers, don't you?) and copy data from old data disk to new data disk, and then remove the old data disk.

    That's how I'd do it. But, again, perhaps things work different on new technologies I'm not familiar with.

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