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    Unanswered: Tablespace Pages Question

    I noticed that one of the tablespaces on a database that I support was growing rapidly. So I checked the to see which tables in the tablespace were using the most space by selecting the npages from syscat.tables. I also have a tool I use which shows the overall available space for the tablespace. The tool shows used pages for this tablespace to be 950720 pages. However, when I add all the npages values up I only got 25644.

    Is there some other method I could use to see what tables are using the majority space? Is there an explanation why these numbers would be so different? I have a script that runs on the AIX box, and it agrees with the tool values.

    Thanks in advance

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    Is this in a DPF (aka EEE) environment? Have there been lots of deletes and inserts?
    Which version and fixpak?

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    Look at fpages also ...

    reorgchk may give a better idea about the usage of table pages

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