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    I know there is something basic that I am missing that if found would make my whole database work better!

    Here is my question. What would be the best way to set up a form to serve the following purpose: I want a form that will be used for data entry. At the same time, if a duplicate person/item/number, etc. is entered, I want the form to pull up the record that is already in the database. That way, the information can be verified and/or changed if need be. So I guess the form would need to be a dual purpose data entry and search form.

    Basically, there will be more than one person entering information, so instead of having to look through every single record, when they enter in, say, employee id, that employee's information will be pulled up. If there is no previous record, they can proceed in entering in the new information.

    The way the form is set up now is a main form for employee information and a subform with multiple entries for each employee.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    An easy answer to half your problem is here
    So that is the search portion. As for the editing of a given record, you could add a button for the returned results which would open that record to edit-- build it using your command button wizard.

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