Needing help using dbcombo as source for > 1 form object

I have the following setup:

data control: dcBatches
RecordSource: select batch_name,batch_id,status_id from tblBatchHeader

data control: dcStatus
RecordSource: select status_id, status_desc from tblBatchStatus

dbcombo: dcboBatch
RowSource: dcBatches
ListField: batch_name
BoundColumn: status_id

text box: txtStatus

Private Sub dcboBatch_Change()
'Set filter for status data control
Me.dcStatus.Recordset.Filter = "status_id = " & dcboBatch.BoundText

This works fine, when a batch header row is selected in the dbcombo,
the assoc status is displayed in the text box.

I have a need to access the batch_id of the batch header row selected.
How do I achieve that?
(In an "ordinary" combo box one can reference the various columns in the data underlying the combo)

Thanks for help