We are pleased to announce the release of Rekall V2.2.0 Developer edition and Rekall V2.2.0 Run Time edition.

We are working on web enabling Rekall Forms and Report. Pretty soon you will be able to use Rekall to design Forms and Reports that can be used, in the traditional manner, to produce desktop GUI application or produce web server applications with the same functionality as your desktop application. You will find an early prototype at Rekall Revealed

Please Note: Since this demostration application is continuously evolving it might not always be available or you may well be presented with a list of errors.

Here is a quick update on our progress with Rekall-On-The-Web. We have now figured out to how to convert Qt geometry settings to HTML absolute positioning. Our next job will be to produce a fully functional web enabled version of the Rekall Demo application. You will be able to insert new rows, delete unwanted rows and update rows. We reckon this new feature will be introduced in V2.3.x at some point during its life cycle, so please keep an eye on this page for further announcements