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    Unanswered: Performance and Tuning question

    Anyone knows the answer?

    Which of the following would NOT cause Adaptive Server to recompute a new query plan for a stored procedure?

    1.Deleting an index used in the current query plan
    2. Updating distribution statistics

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    Recompilation automatically takes place whenever one of the following events occur:

    The procedure is loaded from disk to the procedure cache.
    You drop an index on any table referred to in the procedure.
    All copies of the execution plan in cache are currently in use and another user wants to execute the procedure.
    You execute a procedure using the with recompile option.
    A database administrator flags a table with the sp_recompile stored procedure. This
    causes Adaptive Server to re-resolve and then recompile any procedures or triggers
    that access that table when they are next executed.

    Dropping an index or a table referenced by a query causes Adaptive Server to mark the
    affected procedure as needing re-resolution and recompilation at execution time.

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