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    Cool Unanswered: choosing most recent record

    I am using Crystal 8.5 and I need to choose the most recent value in a field that may contain more than one value. I am fairly new to Crystal and do not know the syntax for calculating this. Relevant fields = EnteredDate, Value. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi Marcie,

    There are several possible ways of doing this.

    You don't say what the report is about so I will make up an example and hope that it fits.

    If you had a database of client addresses and wanted to find the last one you could Group by Client and Sort by time stamp. Hide the details and place the address fields in the Group Footer. This would display the last address for each client.

    Or, put in a group selection formula that says:

    {Address.TimeStamp} = maximum ( {Address.TimeStamp} , {Group.Field} )

    I hope that one of these helps you.


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