I have a microsoft access database and recently migrated the tables to mysql, its working very nicely, but I migrated it largely because I figured it to be more secure a database than access and that it would be faster. Now I want to add user tracking and authentication features to the database. I am a bit of a newbie to any database work, and am taking this one step at a time, and I was hoping someone could give me some links to tutorials or howtos on how you would implement these types of features. The things I am looking to do with it are:

-User login screen
-Record login information to a table each time the user logs in
-Store who creates a record, and who modifies it
-Create a form for the user to log the amount of time taken to perform a given task, having their name as the only option for the user name on the form...writing the data to a table of course.

I have a good idea as to what the table structure would be for all the things I would need to do, but the programming and how to create a login and store the username logged in and write that information to a table, its a problem. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Note: I orignally made this thread in the mysql forum, but I was unsure where to put it, so I made a cross post, I am sorry if this is a problem.