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    Unanswered: Database design - Linkage table


    I'm creating an Access database for the purpose of matching persons from two disparate jumbled de-normalized databases. I might have 12 different Patron IDs which are the same household in one database and up to 3 different Donor IDs which could also be the same identity.

    Question - is it necessary to create 3 tables with the Master table carrying the Master ID common to the Patron and Donor table? It may seem obvious, but I'm not sure what else I'd have in that table besides the ID itself so perhaps I could just have two databases with common new element 'Master ID' in each of these tables.

    I guess I wouldn't have a normalized database would I, given no primary key, but thought I'd check opinions.

    A real example of how it would be used is - I might want to modify Patron 1011,1012,1013 who was originally identified as Donor 2011 and Master ID 11 to now be identified as the same household as Master ID 15. I also want to modify the Donor IDs associated with Master ID 11 to be 15.

    How can I design this database so it's easy to make modifications in such an example without screwing up the data

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