Hi, hope somone can offer me some advice.

I am developing an application to process orders (a bit like MRP), and want it to work closely with Sage (Line 50 - v10), sharing info about customers, suppliers, PO's, SO's - but then generating more info. about product lead-times, and operation steps.

My dilemna is that the company I'm developing this for are a design-to-order company, so having standard BOM's isn't practical, and a big aspect of my app is generating custom BOM's for end products. This poses a real problem however, when allocating products to SO's it is the end item that is allocated, whereas the goods in are the raw materials. Hence I need to decrement the amount of input stock, together with incrementing the amount of finished goods in stock.

The easiest way of achieving this would be to link to the Sage 'STOCK_TRAN' table and adding the relevant product changes. This table doesn't seem to have a primary key, so there shouldn't be a problem of data inconsistency.

However, the stock Movements all have an associiated 'TYPE', and I am unsure what code to use for these movements?

I would be most grateful if anyone could shed some light on what all the 'TYPE' codes mean, and which I should use, or if it is a bad idea to consider 'playing with fire', in this way - and I should just leave the tables alone, and not risk destroying the data integrity?!

Thanks, kdm3