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    Question Unanswered: Informix page size

    Running IDS 9.40.UC3, SUN 2.8
    I know on our previous version of Informix, and this version, we had a machine specific page size of 2K. Is there any restrictions on Informix that require us to continue using a 2K page size.
    We have a sun v440 that our SA's would like us to migrate to as well as go on to a san environment. When setting up the san our sa's have a minimum of a 8K block size, that's what they tell me?
    I am trying to figure out if this new environment will work with our Informix product.
    Now I would imagine that the server and the san would have to use the same block/page size? Now it used to be mentioned in the release/machine notes but there is nothing there for 9.40
    andyone have and suggestions?

    Thanks, your humble dba

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    Check your release documentation for IDS 9.40.UC3, SUN 2.8. That's where Hardware/Operating system specific info is quantified.
    Fred Prose

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    The 2K page size was historically based on the system I/O block size, although there are some other internal considerations. But you must not worry about the new system's page size. In many cases you could even increase it (tipically in a DSS system you'll read page blocks instead of spare pages)

    Anyway, read the release notes to see if there is anything you should be aware of.

    Hope it helps,
    Jose Luis
    José Luis Matute.

    Regards from Spain.

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