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    Has anyone here got any experience of creating response files?

    What I'm trying to do is automate the installation of our oracle client (we're doing an xp rollout), we are using forms 6i (forms and reports runtime initially release 1 with patche 3a and more recently 15 - but i've just downloaded forms 6i release 2 which only needs the patch to make it xp compliant)) connecting to an oracle 9i database + one of my colleagues found some documentation regarding the use of response files.

    We tried following the instructions from the documentation (pathname\setup.exe -record -destinationFile C:\custom.rsp) but this didn't generate the desired response file.

    On further reading the documentation talks about using the Oracle Universal Installer, and forms 6i uses some old version of Oracle installer, so I wondered whether anyone on this forum had created / used response files (especially with forms 6i) and could offer some pointers as to the best way forward.

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

    Kind regards


    oops meant to add that I was thinking of installing the OUI from Oracle 9i and then using it to install the client (forms 6i), hoping that it would then generate the response file - but thought I might be better served to post here first.
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    You will have to use Oracle Software Packager.

    I built an OUI with Oracle8i client + Forms & Reports 6i patched (15 or 16, don't remember).
    This OUI is using java installer, that is what the packager creates.

    My advice to you is download it and try it.


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