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    Unanswered: Windows tool for copying MySQL databases

    I'm new to MySQL. we're running MySQL on Windows 2000 Server - i have another computer that's running Windows 2000 Professional. I'm trying to figure out how to copy a MySQL database from the win 2k server copy to the win 2k professional copy. is there a tool that can be hooked into MySQL Manager or something for doing this .... also - do i have to have to shut MySQL server down before i can do it.... your help in this regard would be greatly appreciated... thanks...

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    Before you do any copy, you probably should shut down the database unless you have some type of hot copy tool. I'm not positive, but I think you may be able to copy the actual database files to another system. Don't quote me on that

    Other (maybe not the best) alternative methods are:

    * PHP/Perl/whatever script that will select all the rows and insert them to another host database (ie 2 mysql_connect()s)

    * Learn to use the command line. It's there for a reason. The tool you probably want is mysqldump.

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