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    Exclamation Unanswered: filemaker v.4.1 issues

    If we have a database that is password protected and the person who set the password left the company some time ago, is there a way to get into the database at all?

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    Password Recovery

    We do password recovery for FileMaker (except V 7) for $25.

    We require proof of ownership before we can recover the password

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    Hi, Gareth! Uh... NO, but yes...

    The password is there to keep people out so if it were easy to bypass, there'd be little point to it. I read a thread in another FileMaker forums site where a professional web developer decided to test FM security and was able to get in to password-protected db's after a day's development time, but he knew security issues and methodologies very, very well.

    Go for Tim's Solutions Consulting or find someone who'll do it for free. There's no "easy" way.

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