Hi guys,
I'm a newbie to this Sybase stuff, so be gentle ;-)

I'm creating a PocketPC 2003 App under eVC++ V4.0 which has to include an Ultralite database that interacts with the GUI and has synchronisation with a MSSQL database on a server via 802.11 wireless. At the moment, I've got the database/GUI stuff basically working using a Schema Painter generated schema that (for the most part) matches that of the tables in the MSSQL database.

The MSSQL database has been generated by another contractor to my client and I used this to generate my UL schema.

First question, for each table that I interact with on the PPC, does the table schema have to match exactly, including private and foreign keys? I assume that the tables I use can be a subset of all the tables in the MSSQL database? I use 8 tables out of 25 or so.

Prior to trying to synchronise, I was partially populating the UL database on the PPC with data so that I could demo the GUI in action. Now I need to use the real data from the MSSQL server and I have removed this database population code and sloted in the synchronisation.

so, at PCC app startup, I open a connection to the UL database using the schema .usm file and then attempt a synchronise. The causes dbmlsvr to crash on the server. The event log indicates an Event_Id = 1000 with the faulting module being ntdll.dll and the ML trace log indicates a synchronisation request being processed. The log traces the columns and datatypes of the members in the tables. After logging of the last member of the fourth table, logging stops (as the service has crashed presumably).

What I'm running :-
ASA ML V9.0.1.1751
MSSQL 2000
MS Server 2003

Any clues will be gratefully received by this newbie. Many thanks in advance.
Dave McKelvie
Coherent Micro Solutions Ltd