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    Question Unanswered: Calling records from 10 Tables!

    I have number of forms, and number of tables with relations with eatchother such as the following:

    1. C

    C ID PK

    2. R

    E_ID PK
    C_ID FK

    3. B

    B_ID PK

    4. B_C

    ID PK
    C_ID FK
    ET_ID FK
    B_ID FK

    and I have 9 more tables same as 3 & 4 with the same relations to 1 & 2.
    and I have a tab page canvas, where I should display the records from the
    10 tables which have relations with tables 1 & 2.
    Well, the traditional way in cases like this is by typing the condition
    I want in the 'where clause' property of the table. But this won't work in such a case!
    So, I have an idea of using a Refrence Cursor in calling the desired records, but
    this way will cost me alot of time ( in my case the time is really My Real Issue!).

    so, if anyone has another way in doing what I'm going to do, please help me with it.

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    Make a view that will have the correct where setup and reference the view in your form.
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