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    Unanswered: Eliminate Query Error Messages?

    I have a database in access 2003 and i want to run 2 append queries that add information to different tables and whenever the queries run, it comes up with that annoying message that says Microsoft Access can't append all the records in the table or something to that effect, to ignore the error and run the query click yes. i want it to automatically pick yes basically and never have the pop up. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks in advance.

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    I have a solution to stop the annoying messages when running queries, but you should test your queries and know why you are getting the messages. For example, you may be importing data into Access from Excel and there are some blank rows that can not be appended to a table because the table has a key that will not allow blanks. Or you may be attempting to append from a table that has fields with data types incompatible with the target table, such as attempting to append a text field to a numeric field.

    When you are sure that all data that can not be appended is, in fact, unwanted, write a new macro with the items below. I added the MsgBox step to let yourself know that you ran the macro since there will be no other feedback from the macro unless there are errors in the queries.

    Running this macro will run your queries without displaying the "can't append" message.

    SetWarnings: No
    OpenQuery: <your query name>
    OpenQuery: <your 2nd query name>
    SetWarnings: Yes
    MsgBox: "Macro to append tables completed"


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