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    Unanswered: Need to display 0.00 in running total

    Some of my results in my running total formula are 0.00. However CR10 does not display 0.00, the field is just blank.
    I already tried format field: customizing numbers and using show values as "0" any other ideas?

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    pls check ur report that whether u've checked the check box
    'supress if zero '

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    0.00 in running total

    Hi, i've the same problem and the Checkbox "Suppres if Zero" isn't checked. The problem, i think, consists that the results of the running total isn't zero but NULL, for a NULL field or something like that, and that's why appears empty in the report. I've already checked the checkbox "CONVERT NULL FIELD TO DEFAULT", but didn't work anyway with Running Total Field, but in another formula with the same problem, it works that option. Thanks for any help anybody can bring us.

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    You may try to create a formula which takes into account the null value. In the case that it is null, output 0. Otherwise, output the value.


    if isnull(numericField) then 0 else numericField

    Now, base your running total on that formula.

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