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Thread: Advice please!

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    Smile Unanswered: [BETA]123flashchat commecial chat& phpbb integration mod

    2.0 beta released!

    This MOD enables you to build a real-time chatroom
    which is a combination of java server and flash client
    in your website and integrate the phpbb database with chat room.
    1) It can display following data in in phpbb :
    * connection number
    * logon user number
    * chat room number
    * chatter name list in all rooms.

    2) Auto-login.
    Once logged in phpbb, user don't have to enter username or password again to access chat.

    Before you install this mod, please download 123 Flash Chat Server software from
    to get the lastest demo version of 123 flash chat server software.
    (123flashchat is a shareware, not freeware.)

    Download this MOD: [I]

    phpbb mod for 123 flash chat server demo:
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    Nice chat mod!!
    I just gotta give it a try

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    seems nice,

    any other mods?? like postnuke....

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    hi give me solutions to get password of administrator in novell netware 3.12 version.

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    v3.0 released!


    September 10, 2004, Shanghai, China – TopCMM Software Technologies, announces the release of the latest version of its full-featured and high-performance Java chat server plus exciting Flash chat client, 123 Flash Chat Server Software.

    123 Flash Chat Server Software is a fast, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication. It allows you to organize chat-event, collaborative work sessions or online meetings and brings high-performance and rock solid stability with fast and easy installation on all the major operating systems. 123 Flash Chat Server Software can integrate existing database of forum or website. It’s most customizable to admin and end-users.

    123 Flash Chat Server Software V3.0 combines the strength and reliability of the past widely loved versions with some new features that make it one of the best chat softwares of its kind. The new version includes some general changes as well as strengthened admin/moderator power, along with the moderation feature.

    General Changes – Add Low ports, like 80 and 433. Chatters can change username freely while chatting. Enhance Private Message function. Add cross-domain-policy to restrict access from other domain. Add Shortcut Button on the top of the chat window. Every skin offers some background pictures for chatters to choose from in chat area. Update all the skin languages. Limit maximum length of message. Disable case sensitive of the username. All the features mentioned above make V3.0 more user-friendly.

    Admin/moderator Power Strengthened – Add AD banner. Edit room details in admin panel. Admin, moderator and guest speaker names are bold. Add some options like to enable/disable welcome/exit message in client setting, make member-only room visible/invisible to guests in room list and enable/disable change-nickname in client setting. Use ODBC to connect any database you want. Admin and moderator can now monitor the chat in an easier way.

    Moderated-chat– A new plug-in module that can work with V3.0 but not included in the default version. In a moderated-chat, all messages of ordinary users can’t go public unless the admin or the moderator passes them.

    For more information on 123 Flash Chat Server, please visit

    A trial version of 123 Flash Chat Server Software V3.0 is available for download at

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