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    Unanswered: newbie: calculation related mainform and subform only on current month

    I have a stock control database. I created a query to find out total remained quantity of each product on only current month by using the delivered quantity on current month to subtract the quantity took out from the stock on current month. It works fine as I want.

    But now I want one more thing:
    I've just created a field "remained" in "products" table and a mainform named "products" with two subform: "stockout subform" and "subdelivery". In the main form have a "remained" control and this control have a control source "remained" in "products" table.
    What I want is at "products" form, when I input the delivered quantity and the quantity that took out from stock, the "remained" control on the main form will display the remained quantity on current month. Of course, this control will write down the remained quantity to "remained" filed of "products" table.
    thanks in advanced.
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    mainini = Me!SubDelivery.Form!shiped - Me!StockoutSubform.Form!out

    That is how to subtract one from the other. Just take out the space from the subform named Stockout Subform. Spaces are evil.

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