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    Unanswered: named cahed, default cache, tempd

    Hi Folks,

    I am on Sybase 12.5 on HP-UX 11.0

    Please advise on my following questions:

    1- We are increating the RAM from 4g to 8g , If Sybase max memory option is on then I don't need to increase the sybase memory? How can I verify that?

    2- Do I need to increase the defalt data cache ? how?

    3- The customer asked to create a 1.3GB named cache and bind 6 tempdb devices we have to it. Can you give me the commands / advise to do that

    4- does the server need to be in single user mode?

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    first ensure the appropriate shmmax value in operating system - I'm not familiar with HP UX, so I can't tell you the correct parameter name.
    Then look at the correspoding sybase value - ( grep "max memory" <aseserver>.cfg ) or sp_configure "max memory" in isql - adapt and restart if nessecary. Be aware of the max. value if you run ASE 32bit edition , see ASE Doc.
    If all applications run well, there should be no need to increase default data cache. Defining further caches would be a good thing (for binding tables or tempdb or...). Don't have experience with tempdb enhancements in 12.5...

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