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    Unanswered: Blob dbspaces page size


    Why it is necessary to mention the page size at the time blob despaces creation.

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    This is done for two reasons:

    1. A blob is normally rather large (that's why it is called a large object). Normally every page (= 2 or 4 kb) has 28 bytes of overhead (header+trailer). A blob page only has 36 bytes of overhead. If you specify a blob page of 64kb for example their is only 36 bytes of overhead where normally is was (32*24). A lot more
    2. The page size is also used for I/O. Reading blobs with biggers I/O's makes it faster to work with.

    Due to changes in smart blobs their are a lot of advantgaes of working with the 'normal' small pages. So smart blob pages look like normal pages. However at creation time you can still specify the I/O size.

    Hope this give you some insight,

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