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    Unanswered: DB2 Version 7.1

    I'm completely alien to DB2 & mainframes. I need to do some POC.
    I am having a DB2 database Version 7.1 in mainframes. But it seems that unlike in earlier versions, DB2 7.1 allows data to be loaded into tables without any triggers or cobol probs, quite like as we have in Oracle/SQL Server open system databases.
    Please let me know how far is this possible, & what are the associated implications & overheads in attempting such a thing.
    It's urgent.
    Thanx in anticipation,

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    You can use the IBM Load utility to load your table. The load will not fire any triggers unless you do an online load resume. Depending upon how you preform the load, you may need to run CHECK and/or COPY utilities in order to use the table. Also, be aware that if you bypass your triggers, you may have to manually preform the functionality that the triggers would have done.

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