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    Unanswered: Exporting my project forms

    I'm a beginner in Oracle Forms6i as I menthoined previously.
    How can I transfer the data inside my databases into a cd with its forms so Iit can beused from any computer having Forms Run Time?
    and does it transfer the sequences, packages, editors and pictures I used iunside the forms I made?

    Also, how can I export the data to an Access file?
    I'll appreciate your responces.

    PS: I searched for similer thread but didn't find what I need.

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    The data will only reside in the oracle database, unless you create another database on each machine, you will have to ling back to the original oracle database server.
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    ?? really?
    so howcome I should move my project? it's a graduation project and I have to move everything I've done to the presentation place!
    what should I do??
    plzz help

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    Burn your forms, reports, queries and other files to the CD.
    Then make export of a user you're working on using
    > EXP un/pw FILE=project.dmp
    It'll export all your tables, sequences, stored procedures, triggers etc. Now burn "project.dmp" onto the CD as well.

    Go to school (or wherever it is). Import "project.dmp" using
    > IMP un1/pw1 FILE=project.dmp
    It is NOT necessary that username and password are the same as the old ones - import utility will inform you that export was made by another user, not "you" (un1, that is) but everything will be imported.
    Copy forms, reports, etc. into desired folder. If you hard-coded paths in your programs, it would be good to name that folder(s) the same way you had at home location.

    With possible minor changes, I hope it'll work just fine.

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