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    Red face Unanswered: importing from excel

    I need to copy the data in two spreadsheets into two
    tables in "SQL Server 2000". Below are the details:

    One spreadsheet contains the data that needs to be added
    to an existing table in SQL server. All field names in the
    spreadsheet match the DB table column names.
    Another spreadsheet contains the data that needs to be
    copied to a new DB table. The table currently does NOT
    exist in the DB.

    I'm not sure how to accomplish this. ANy help would be

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    use DTS
    If its one time work you can just query the Excel tables and inser the data to existing table
    or Import and Export data

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    more help.....

    They want to append the data, but this is the problem I'm having now...

    The first row of the spreadsheet matches the column heading in the table - but when I go to import the spreadsheet, it is showing me THREE seperate tables or views on the Select Source tables/views screen. I don't know why this is if I'm importing from ONE spreadhsheet... unless the spreadsheet is formatted incorrectly. I went ahead and selected the first one and set my destination table and I when I run it, i get an error: Violation of Primary Key constraint 'PK_Faultresolutions' cannot insert duplicate Key in FaultResolutions.

    maybe this is somethig simple.. but can anyone help??

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