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    Unanswered: Excell macro

    Hi all,

    i need to create a macro inside of excell.
    The purpose is from a list of excell cells (which contains a list of tables) y need to generate two text files.
    The first one has to contain a esquelet per table. And the second one the same but with different esquelet.

    LEt me explain: i call esquelet a group of sentence. This group of sentences has a parameter (table name). If the initial list has 10 tables, the text file has ten times the same group of sentences where the parameter is changing.

    The input items are a list of cell and two esqueltes. And the output items are two text files.

    Thanks a lot.

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    not sure what you mean but to open a file to write to you can use

    Sub test()
        Open "TestFile" For Output As #1
            Write #1, Range("A1").Value
        Close #1
    End Sub

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