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    Angry Unanswered: Connect to SQL Server through VPN

    I've recently configured a VPN between 2 locations, using 3Com Internet Firewall 25.
    It seems to be working fine, but i can't connect to a remote sql server. I've tried to do this from the managemente console, the query analyzer and a VB Application (ODBC) and i always get the same message: "The server does not exist or access denied". I'm trying to reach the server using its ip address, wich i can succesfully ping, and SQL authentication method.

    If anyone has any idea, i will be really thankfull!

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    You need to verify that port TCP 1433 and port UDP 1434 are open.

    Also check for port TCP 135, that should be open if you need to make distributed queries
    Davide Mauri

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    Talking I have the same problem!!!

    Can you help us!!!!

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