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    Unanswered: Preferred method yearly backup

    Does anyone perform a Yearly backup used for archiving purposes? If you do, what is your preferred method for creating this database copy?

    It seems like an exp would be the easiest to recover in another instance, especially if you're on a new version of Oracle when/if the time comes to restore.


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    Volumes have been written on this topic! Business continuation, disaster recovery, etc...

    What is the best tried and true method? Nobody Knows!
    'What?'.... you ask!

    How many people out there have actually had to recover their business from a backup taken at the end of a year? I couldn't imagine the financial devistation that a business would experience.

    What is the purpose of the archive? (Get it in writing) To show that you have some piece of destructable media on which 1 and 0's exist? (Have you ever tried to handle a 15 year old tape reel? Have you seen what happens to a rubber band wrapped around a stack of diskettes after several years?) What storage medium can you use that won't be outdated in 3 years, discontinued after 10? (What is 'Beta' anyway? I think they have one next to the 8-track player at the smithsonian.)

    If your database is small enough then export, as you say, it can be imported into another database. Would it be usable? Probably not - maybe just to query table data.

    Effectively - you would need a clone of the server to include the OS, Database Version, client code that accesses the data in the database, the data, and the hardware/software to restore it all.

    Otherwise, have the user define what data they need from the database, write it to flat files, and hand it off to them to maintain.

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    The following was our backup schedule.

    Sunday - full cold backup of the server
    Monday - Friday - Full hot backup of database

    Repeat for the next 2 weeks and then reuse the tapes from week1. This gives us three sets of tapes in case of tape failure. But keeping yearly tapes or even monthly tapes, totally useless (IMHO).
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    I've found that tapes of yearly backups are a good way to take up room in fire-safes...

    The only time I've ever needed a yearly backup was for a fiscal system, where I needed to keep EOY tax figures for the last 6 years just in case the IR asked for them.
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    Right, this is for auditing purposes, and it's only a portion of our database. I think I will push for the text file output, or equivalent.


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