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    Unhappy Unanswered: Please, HELP!!! OLAP Cube Locked

    When I try to process a cube on olap I receive this error message:

    Could not lock object (user xxx on computer yyy has locked 'xxxxxxxx'

    I already tried to find an option to unlock the cube and I do a restart of SQL service.
    I'm worryed about my job !!!!
    Please, HELP ME !!!!

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    Is this only when someone else are editing the cube?

    Think you can programmatically determinde if a cube is locked (using dso) can't loose your job cuz of a restriction ms placed.

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    Thumbs up Solved !

    Thx Niconel but I' solved today (on morning Italy time) this issue.
    Simply, all the OLAP DB was locked.
    This is a problem related to the memory management of my server.
    When I try to process a larger DB I obtain that error and the solution is: restart OLAP service from the Cluster Admin Consolle.
    When I writed that I' m worried about my job I not refer to the data.
    I' was worried about my professional skill level !!!
    Thank you for your reply!


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