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    Unanswered: Error 2501...

    Hi from Italy, I'va a problem. I can't open a form, error code 2501 appears to me with the message: "Error defined by the application or by the Object". In the VB code I've only an Object defined as "Current DB()". I've tried to "play" with libraries (add/remove libraries) but with no results at all. Can someone help me? Thanks and have a nice day!
    Mr. Veronesi

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    Did you build the form yourself on your computer or got it from someone else?

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    which access version?

    if A2000 or later, DAO library is not installed by default and currentdb() is a DAO concept.

    check you have the DAO 3.6 library referenced.

    even if you have DAO library referenced, if you use:
    dim dbs as database
    set dbs = currentdb
    you may or may not get an error - depends on the order of the references... tha database object exists in ADO and DAO libraries - Access will use the first library it finds in the list that defines database ...probably ADO if you are A2000 or later.

    you could change the order of the references... not a good solution!

    good solution is to make an explicit declaration:
    dim dbs as DAO.database
    so Access knows which library to use.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Thanks for your replies. I've create the DB by myself, I've sent it to another firm and my copy of DB works well, while their copy has that problem 2501...

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