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    Unanswered: how do i roll back a Delete SQL??

    In SQL Server \ Sybase ,
    if i run the command Delete from table blah blah...

    can i roll it back
    1) i have not started any transaction.
    2) i have not commited

    If yes then how to proceed!



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    Lightbulb Not possible...

    By default Sybase ASE uses 'UNCHAINED' transactional mode. What this means is that any data modification command (ie. UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT) is a transaction and will implicitly generate a BEGIN TRAN/COMMIT TRAN.

    This also means, that a normal data modification command (ie. a DELETE), cannot be reverted once it has been executed.

    If you want to change this behaviour, you'll have to do one of the following:

    * Use the SET CHAINED ON command (OFF is the default) -- this will implicitly start a new transaction with the first data modification command you issue. You'll have to explicitly end your transaction with a COMMIT/ROLLBACK command.

    * Use BEGIN TRAN and COMMIT/ROLLBACK to define where your transaction begins / ends.

    Hope this helps,

    Juan Avila
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