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    Question Unanswered: consolidate tempdb devices

    we have 6 , 200MB tempdb devices on our sybase 12.5 server in HP. How can I consolidate them to one 1.2g device and then bind it to a named cache. if possible please give me the commands and details to do that.

    thanks a lot

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    Lightbulb Follow these steps...


    First, you´ll have to 'shrink' tempdb, following the procedure described in the following manual page:;pt=7447

    Then create the new 1.2 Gb device. This can be done from Sybase Central, or using the DISK INIT command:

    DISK INIT NAME='tempdbdev',
    PHYSNAME = '/physicalname',
    SIZE = 628736, /* size in 2K pages, aprox. 1.2 Gb */
    VDEVNO = n

    Finally, alter the 'tempdb' database on the recently created device. This can also be done from Sybase Central or using the ALTER DATABASE command:

    ON tempdbdev = 1228 /* size in Mb, aprox. 1.2 Gb */

    Hope this helps.

    Juan Avila

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