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    Angry Unanswered: I need help logging on the ISQLPLUS with the '/' sign.


    Currently my company went to a format that requires initial connection with SQLPLUS to use the '/' sign. I like ISQLPLUS better, but I can not seem to use the '/' sign to log into ISQLPLUS. The error ISQLPLUS returns is:

    SP2-0885: Only a valid username or '/' is allowed in the username field

    But I am already using the '/' sign with and without the single quotes. Does anyone have any ideas? Is this even possible to do with ISQLPLUS?

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    >Is this even possible to do with ISQLPLUS?

    AFAIK, by using just "/" to invoke SQLPLUS means that OS authentication is being used.
    ISQLPLUS is a web based utility and therefore can NOT use OS authentication.
    It just won't work.
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    Just an add-on to Anacedent's words ... if you want to be able to connect to SQL*Plus using "/", your Oracle user has to be created as "OPS$username".

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    Thank you both for the information. I am a virtual n00b to Oracle

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