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    Unanswered: displaying list of available databases in SQL Server 2000 using VB??

    I am creating a userform to compare tables in different databases. How do i go about populating a listbox with all the database names associated with my SQL Server 2000 instance? I would rather populate a list than creating text boxes to select of the databases i know will exist, users will also create new databases so that approach would be flawed.

    So anyone know how i can do this using VB? I just want to know how to access the database names since usually you need the database name to connect to SQL Server to begin with

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    To get a list of databases on a server execute the following:

    SELECT * FROM master..sysdatabases
    To leave out the standard system databases:

    SELECT * FROM master..sysdatabases WHERE name NOT IN ('tempbd', 'master', 'model', 'msdb')

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