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    Question Unanswered: Managing bouncing emails from mailing list using Dimac Jmail

    I am using Jmail from Dimac and ASP to send my news letter and announcements by email.
    I have several thousands of subscribers and therefore a few hundreds bounce back every time, at the moment I have done a system where I can feed a string of email addresses separated by a comma to a script, once the email has been reported 3 times it is simply removed, this works well but I have to collect email addresses one by one.
    is there a way to automate this and collect the email addresses bouncing using a script?

    Thanking you for any help,

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    Yes... you've there are a few options...

    Depending on your programming skill, you could write your own SMTP gateway (C++, VB, etc). This gateway would receive your bounced emails and handle them accordingly. Probably not in the realm for most people.

    Another option would be to have a mailbox that these emails come back to (which you already have setup obviously). Then you can utilize one of several commerical COM objects out there to sift through that mailbox using POP3 (ServerObjects - AspPOP3). Now that you can go through the messages, search for key phrases, and do what you need to. Now, here's the kicker. You'll have to wrap this around some type of schedulable routine. If you know VB or C++, you could write a app to use this COM object and schedule it. Another option is to put it in an ActiveX object of a DTS Package in MS SQL Server and schedule it through the DB server. If both of those aren't an option, you could write it into an ASP page, but you'll have to go to the page manually to execute it.
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